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Fear the Boot

Oct 31, 2007

* The podcast spoof contest is over!  Stick around after the show to hear the winners.

* World Wide Wing Night 3.  The St. Louis group will be meeting at the Syberg’s on Dorsett.

* Donating your old game books to your local library.

* Luke gets outed.

* Dan’s view on capital ship combat!  Ok, just kidding.  We...

Oct 26, 2007

In this interview we talk with Shane Hensley from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke

Guests: Shane Hensley

Oct 24, 2007

* Not Fear the Boot Con.

* Congratulations to Tony Mast on the birth of his daughter!

* Fear the Boot spoof contest.

* World Wide Wing Night 3!  St. Louis now has a reserved location at Sybergs.

* Bringing a campaign to a proper end.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John,...

Oct 17, 2007

* World Wide Wing Night 3!

* Fear the Boot EVE guild.

* Spoof Fear the Boot podcast contest.

* Tex’s dating update.

* A review of Catalyst Game’s new Battletech products.

* Festivuscon recap.

* Campaign rules.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Luke,...

Oct 10, 2007

* World Wide Wing Night 3 on November 10th.

* Our EVE guild is thriving.  We hope you’ll join us!

* Spoof Fear the Boot podcast contest.

* The relationship between the number of modules and the success of an RPG.

* Ryan and Tim offer a rebuttal to episode 67 in which they defend organized play events.

Hosts: Adam,...