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Fear the Boot

Sep 26, 2007

* How beer has affected this episode.

* Spoof contest reminder.

* World Wide Wing Night 3 on Saturday, November 10th.

* Gaming pet peeves.

* Dan’s Ennies speech on YouTube.

* Drinking and gaming.

* Dealing with the loss of a “hub” character.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke

Sep 19, 2007

* A Fear the Boot EVE guild?

* A possible St. Louis con early in 2008, sponsored by Fear the Boot.

* Spoof Fear the Boot podcast contest.

* The disappearance of FASA Studios.

* Making good villains for your roleplaying game.

* Designing urban settings for an RPG.

Hosts: Dan, John,...

Sep 12, 2007

* Spoof FtB podcast contest.

* Shout-out to Carpe GM and Theory From the Closet podcasts.

* See Adam as a furry!

* How do you stop your players from over-planning how to handle a plot point?

* At what point should a PC become an NPC?

* Immediately drawing the players into a first game.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Karla,...

Sep 6, 2007

With DM of the Rings coming to a close, Fear the Boot is proud to announce Chainmail Bikini, a new RPG-oriented web comic coming to our site, developed by Shamus Young and Shawn Gaston!

Sep 5, 2007

* A quick thanks to Zac at the Groovecast.

* Flatcon October 5th – 7th in Bloomington, IL.

* The revival of the Fear the Boot World of Warcraft guild.  Sort of.

* D&D 4th edition.

* CDs to help Americans learn accents, courtesy of Pulp Gamer.

* GNS theory.

* Introducing players to new, complex settings without...