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Fear the Boot

Feb 28, 2007

* Hurting yourself while playing video games.

* Fear the Boot would like to thank…

Accidental Survivors
Dragons Landing Inn
Harping Monkey
Pulp Gamer
Fanboy Smackdown

* The timing and purpose of resource documents.

* Bringing FTB up to date on current games.

* The new World of Darkness.

* Why people more...

Feb 21, 2007

* Fear the Boot store update.

* A preview of the upcoming interviews.

* The backlog of resource documents.

* Gaming comics.

* Players and GMs make the game.

* Designing character advancement for your new roleplaying game.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Mike

Feb 14, 2007

The resource document for this episode will be rather extensive, so it won’t be up along with this episode, but it should be posted by the end of the week.

* John’s date report.

* Chad’s comments on gaming in the window of a shop in the mall.

* Why Mike hasn’t GM-ed in years, and whether GMs make the...

Feb 8, 2007

Since starting this podcast, Fear the Boot has made contact with quite a few professionals in the gaming market.  Rather than let these opportunities go to waste, we decided to start a new interview series.  For our kick-off show, we chat with Ryan Dancey about his experience working for Wizards of the Coast, the data...

Feb 7, 2007

During the show, we make a few jokes about an “oooooh” noise.  During the show I said I would link the video that comes from, so here it is.  Please be aware it includes foul language.

* Katie, I can’t understand the email address in your voicemail.

* A writer’s critique group is running on our forum.  To join,...