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Fear the Boot

Feb 19, 2018

* (0:49) Fear the Con and its Con Planner site. All our love to Fred.

* (2:47) The Salt in Wounds game setting, and why it intrigues Brodeur.

* (14:40) Unpacking the human psychology of why we like dark things, starting with some examples from Dan's life. Resident Evil VII and Alien Isolation. Revenge stories.

* (22:40)...

Feb 9, 2018

* (0:41) A look back at the Big Board.

* (3:37) Lesson prep for a church and how it demonstrates a social concept that applies to gaming.

* (7:17) Performance by one versus content by all.

* (15:14) Recognizing what's important to another person.

* (25:01) Whose benefit is the game for? Setting the right level of...

Feb 2, 2018

* (0:28) Fear the Con's site is ready.

* (1:13) Our emails have been fixed, including the confirmation for forum signup.

* (8:56) The planned ending for a session of the Actual Play goes awry.

* (14:59) Being fair to your players. The song that inspired the intended scene.

* (21:23) Reinventing the end.

* (22:02) Giving...

Jan 25, 2018

* (0:37) Non-player characters that can be used to guide the party.

* (2:04) Tying the NPC to the group while avoiding them becoming a GMPC.

* (8:14) Needing them all the time is a sign something has gone wrong. Keeping them within their own character limits.

* (15:36) The ways to avoid overshadowing the party with...

Jan 18, 2018

* (1:16) Thanks to Sgt. Dan and Mumswear for the shirts.

* (2:33) Thanks to Mark Larson for the Crown Royal bags.

* (5:19) A shout-out to Andrew Martin.

* (7:33) Brodeur's two episodes on running a game store can be found here and here. Miniature Market's website.

* (12:49) A non-gamer opens a game store.

* (19:01)...